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IP Office 8.0 Software


Platform and Hardware Support

IP Office release 8.0 is supported on the IP500 and the IP500v2 control units only. IP Office Level 8 software is the very latest release of software being released by AVAYA in December 2011.

IP Office Editions and licensing

IP Office basic edition M-Law and A-Law SD cards in release 7.0 enable two mdoes of operation - Quick mode and Standard mode. With IP Office Release 8.0 they have been re-branded to IP Office Basic Edition (PARTNER mode and Norstar mode) and IP Office Basic Edition (normal IP Office) respectively.

When the IP500v2 is first started, it boots up in Basic Edition which offers a simplified managment and out of the box operations including two intercom buttons, basic system functionality and voicemail boxes on all telephones. Basic edition ensures that starting and using the system is quick and easy. NOTE WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING BASIC EDITION - we recommend IP Office is installed by a fully-trained IP Office technician.

Other licensing changes in release 8.0 include:

- Essential edition license production.

- Essential edition license is a pre-requisite for the preferred edition license.

- Preferred edition is now a pre-requisite for Teleworker, Mobile worker and Office worker and power user licenses.

- Upgrade from any prior release to release 8.0 is chargeable.

- New trial licenses including preferred edition trial license, office worker trial license, teleworker trial license and customer service agent trial license.

- New upgrade licenses - Mobile user to power user upgrade licenses and office worker to power user upgrade license.

New hardware components

AVAYA IP Office C110 Unified Communications module (IP500v2 only) - This module can be inserted into any of the 4 slots in the IP500v2 chassis and provides on-board support for the following applications:

- Preferred edition support for all system users

- User productivity package support

- Mobility server support

Dect R4 solution replacement modules

For customers that have or need a wireless solution release 8.0 comes with a number of updates for the IP Office DECT R4. The new IP DECT Gateway allows connection of digital base stations to the DECT R4 solution with the intent to leverage existing 4-wire cabling. Additionally AVAYA is introducing new versions of the IP base stations (IPBS) and the AVAYA In-building Wireless Server (AIWS).

Enhanced offer for small systems with 20 users or less - Basic Edition

The three versions of IP Office designed specifically for this market are now branded as follows:

- IP Office Basic Edition Partner mode.

- IP Office Basic Edition Norstar mode.

- IP Office Basic Edition.

Enhancements to all three basic editions include

IP Office Web Manager - This is a new browser based management tool designed to simplify the installation and maintenance process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly management tool that is compatible with most standard browsers.

Upgrading to IP Office Essential Edition - This requires the new IP Office Essential Edition License.

Mobile Twinning - This is no longer supported in IP Office Basic Edition. However call forward to any mobile device continues to be supported. Mobile twinning support for all users is included with IP Office Essential Edition.

Analog trunk disconnect - The support for analog trunk disconnect that was previously only available in Norstar mode is now available in all Basic Editions.

Phone enhancements

The following support for phones have been introduced or enhanced with the IP Office Release 8.0:

- High quality audio improvement via G.722 (a version of wideband audio) support.

- Software version 4.3 for 1100/1200 series SIP terminal enhancements.

- New and enhanced version of the IP Office video softphone.

- Improved 96x1 desk phone upgrade mechanism.

- Support for AVAYA 1010 and 1040 video conferencing devices.

Core PBX Features

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking:

IP Office Release 8.0 responds to the market trends around SIP trunking with several new SIP trunk capabilities designed to simplify and address a wider set of implementation scenarios including:

- Standard SIP support across all IP Office modes and editions.

- Early media and support for PRACK (Provisional Response Acknowledgement).

- T.38 fax fallback.

- Enhanced CLIR (Cross Language Information Retrieval).

- Display directory name on In-bound SIP calls.

Basic Edition and Essential Edition Voicemail Enhancements

With Release 8.0 the IP Office Basic Edition and Essential Edition voicemail can support the following new features:

Intuity Audix Commands - These are supported in addition to the currently supported TUI (Text User Interface) commands. In the Intuity Audix mode the system can utilize the same Intuity Audix commands that are currently used on voicemail pro, PARTNER voice messaging and PARTNER messaging. The main reason for introducing the Intuity mode is to provide consistency in the command options across all of the AVAYA messaging solutions.

Call screening on embedded voicemail - Users will now have the capability to listen to incoming calls. When an incoming call arrives at a phone and is then directed to and answered by the voicemail system the user will automatically hear the caller on the phone speaker without the caller knowing. This will enable the user to decide whether to answer the call or drop the call and let the voicemail system continue to handle the call.

Enter System Administration from extension 10 or 11 whilst on a call - The system now supports entry into the system administration or programming from the first two extensions on the system (which are the system phones) whilst on a call. In addition to this any eligible extension continues to have the ability to enter individual programming whilst on a call.

Preferred edition Voicemail enhancements

With Release 8.0 the following new capabilities are supported with the Preferred Edition Voicemail:

Multi-time zone support - Multi-time zone support in Preferred edition gives multi-site customers (IP Office SCN Network) in different time zones the ability to get the right time stamps and announcements for the local time zone of the IP Office switch they are connected to.

Feature parity for Preferred Edition for Windows and Linux - IP Office Release 8.0 adds more parity between Preferred edition on Windows and Linux with respect to the following features:

- Text to speech for Linux.

- MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) exchange integration on Linux.

Call Screening on Preferred Edition - Preferred Edition users will have the same capability as embedded voicemail users to listen to incoming calls as mentioned above in Basic Edition Voicemail Enhancements.

AVAYA one-X Portal for IP Office

The AVAYA one-X portal for IP Office Release 8.0 introduces the following enhancements which improve user experience and productivity and also improves third party application integration.

- User friendly URLs.

- Paging enhancements.

- Maximizing one-X portal gadgets.

- Configuration tab layout enhancements.

- Mute button in Call Gadget.

- Presence and instant messaging which includes: MyBuddy; Easy upgrade of conversations from IM (Instant Messaging) to voice and Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration.

- Desktop Application Integration which includes: AVAYA IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook; integration and call assistant enhancements.

one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office

one-X Mobile preferred for IP Office is a mobile application available for smart phones which use Android platforms. It provides great unified communications capabilities for mobile workers and is designed to give them quick access to various forms of communications and help users conduct normal business while on the move. This application relies on a permanent data connection with the communications server.

Contact Centre and Customer Call Reporter

With the IP Office Release 8.0 new features have been introduced to increase the efficiency of a call centre by offering coaching intrusion capabilities and by providing several enhanced reporting features that allow the supervisor to create the real time and historical reports that best suit the business. These enhancements include:

- Coaching intrusion, Silent intrusion and Whisper page.

- System talk time statistic reports enhancements.

- Agent productivity factor (APF) in the Agent Time Card report.

- Fifteen and Thirty minute reports for the call summary report (CSR) and the call detail report (CDR).

- Report - Template copy.

- Custom reports.

IP Office Web Manager

The IP Office Release 8.0 introduces the IP Office Web Manager. This is a new browser based management tool designed to simplify the installation and maintenance process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly management tool that runs on most standard browsers. This new IP Office Web Manager eliminates the need to have a windows operating system as it can run on any device that supports standard browsers.

IP Office Web Manager is able to support the following editions of IP Office:

- Basic Edition A-Law.

- Basic Edition Mu-Law.

- Basic Edition PARTNER mode.

- Basic Edition Norstar mode.

IP Office Web Manager supports the following browsers:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and later.

- Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later.

- Windows Safari 4.0 and later.

- Google Chrome 10 and later.

- Apple Safari 3.1 and later.

Release License / Upgrade License

When upgrading to Release 8.0 from a previous release the IP Office 8.0 Release License must be present. It comes in two options:

- Upgrade to Release 8.0 for systems with 32 extensions or less.

- Upgrade to Release 8.0 for all systems with more than 32 extensions.

For new installations an upgrade license is not required.


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